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Sunday's Swim Report - We Are Swim Fit & Other Swim Bits

Re-Booting The Swim Body Workout

Well I'm sort of on a roll as this was my 2nd Sunday in a row swimming. Of course I'm not swimming in between but I do got my Spinning all week long.  I actually did heavy weight training on Friday and was feeling it today.  I got to the pool at 8am to putz around till the gang arrived at Putz8:45.  But the putzing around swimming was enough for me.  Since I haven't seen the swim group since early last month I didn't even know if they would show up.  Luckily for me they didn't show up and I was done swimming.  I really need to try to swim once during the week.  I need to re-boot my swimming. 

Here is my little putz' workout:

I wasntWarm Up:

300 free.  very slow.

Pull Set:

8x100's on 2 minutes.  Pulling w/paddles. 

1    1:33.9     100     1:34
2    1:27.8     100     1:28
3    1:25.6     100     1:26
4    1:26.1     100     1:26
5    1:28.5     100     1:29
6    1:24.6     100     1:25
7    1:25.5     100     1:26
8    1:25.4     100     1:25

I wasn't trying to go fast.  I was just trying to get into the swim of things.  (800/1100)

4x25's Reverse IM on 30.  Just trying to see how I feel swimming strokes and it wasn't pretty. (100/1200)

100 Kick.  (100/1300)

6x50's Easy Free Swimming Breathing every 3.

1    :43.6     50     1:27
2    :42.1     50     1:24
3    :42.2     50     1:24
4    :43.3     50     1:27
5    :44.3     50     1:29
6    :43.6     50     1:26

Once again I was just killing time going easy.  (300/1600)

At this point I'm hoping no one shows up.

4x50's Back on 60

1    :49.3     50     1:38
2    :50.3     50     1:41
3    :52.0     50     1:44
4    :50.8     50     1:42

And no one did show up.  (200/1800)  I called it a day and that was all he swam.  1,800 yards isn't much but at least it's a start.  I got to admit that I had in the back of my mind that I would swim 4,400 yards since it was my 44th Birthday on Friday.  This will also be the year of my 10th Anniversary of getting back in the water and swimming.  Yeah, 10th!  I didn't started to write down my workouts on this blog to about two years later.  It'll be interesting when I get to the point to compare my swims now to then.  Actually in December I'll be able to compare my swim meet times which means I better get swimming.

My Progress for Go The Distance 2014
Month    Total Distance
Jan    2.76 miles (=4,850 yards, =4,435 meters)
Feb    2.10 miles (=3,700 yards, =3,383 meters)
Total    4.86 miles (=8,550 yards, =7,818 meters)


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