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Getting My Sorry Little Swim On Workout

3 Swims in 1 week, I'm on a roll.  Not a good one but a roll just the same.  I sort of was guilted into swimming this morning as I ran into Gary the "Coach" at the mail station yesterday.  That and last night I was super tired and went to bed early.  So I did set my alarm for 6am.  No one really was at the Saturday_swimpool the local Senior Games are in two weeks so everyone I guess is tapering.  The "Coach" was taking it easy just swimming laps but he gave me a set to do.  Ummm...I sort of modified it.  That and since I wasn't given intervals I gave myself slower intervals then I should be swimming at. 

Warm Up:

300 Swim or maybe a 250.  I was having counting issues and I messed up using my watch during the warmup.  It was too dark outside to see what I was doing. 

300 Pull w/ Paddles

200 Kick.

So let's call it an 800 yard warm up. 

Main Set:

3 Rounds (But I only did 2 Rounds)

200 Swim Backstroke on 3:30 Pace

200 Free Easy but Build last 50 on 3:15

4x50's FAST on 60

Ugh...I'm so outta swim shape.  That was enough for me.  So 1,200 yard set. 

1    3:06.2     200     1:33
2    2:48.3     200     1:24
3    :34.5     50     1:09
4    :35.2     50     1:10
5    :36.0     50     1:12
6    :36.4     50     1:13
7    3:00.6     200     1:30
8    2:42.9     200     1:21
9    :36.6     50     1:13
10    :36.2     50     1:13
11    :36.3     50     1:13
12    :35.8     50     1:12

My first 200 backstroke was super slow and stopped at the 100 mark cuz' I had lost count.  Looked at my Garmin Swim to see where I was.  All my times are super slow these days even when I try.  But at least I'm swimming.  Plus I was on my own so I don't push as hard.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get up and swim with the gang.  I'm sure that'll push me.  If I can wake up at 6am on a Sunday. 

Total yards of 2,000 isn't much but it's more then I do on my own.  Ugh!

My Progress for Go The Distance 2014
Month    Total Distance
Jan    2.76 miles (=4,850 yards, =4,435 meters)
Feb    4.15 miles (=7,300 yards, =6,675 meters)
Mar    4.86 miles (=8,550 yards, =7,818 meters)
Total    11.76 miles (=20,700 yards, =18,928 meters)

The GOOD News / BAD News, well the good is that I'm on a roll and beat pathetic past months in yardage.  The bad news is that I've yet to break 10,000 yards for the month.  I remember when I was swimming 30,000 a month.  My combined three month total is less then one old month of swimming.  I really gotta make sure I go to bed early tonight and get up tomorrow.  I'd like to swim at a small swim meet this summer but not unless I can get my act together.


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