Matt Abood & Andrew Abood - Trials SwimFan Skill Session Saturday
Interview with FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione

Monday's Swim Report - An End For British Water Polo & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - The Vancouver Sun posts "Olympic swimmer Brent Hayden gets creative with a camera. The former Olympic swimmer is focused on a career in photography. An exhibition of his work opens Tuesday, March 11 at Foot of Main Gallery, 119 Main at Alexander."

Lane 2 - The West Australian posts "Olympic star happy to invest in safety. Eamon Sullivan still remembers his first and only day as a surf lifesaving nipper."

Lane 3 - The Telegraph posts "Italian and European swim chief faces fraud claim. The president of the Italian swimming federation, Paolo Barelli, has offered to resign if fraud accusations directed at him are proved true in an escalating feud with the country's Olympic committee. CONI, the Olympic committee, denounced the swimming federation in court last month after an internal audit cast doubt on the use of more than €800,000 (around $1 million) that was intended for pool improvements for the 2009 swimming world championships in Rome."

Lane 4 - BBC posts "British water polo: National champions insist future is bright.  After losing £4.5m in funding from UK Sport, British water polo is fighting to keep its head above water. Of all the sports to be subject to a funding cut since London 2012, only basketball has suffered a bigger reduction."


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