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The Mini Paceman Workout & More Garmin Tech Toys

Ahhh...Wednesday. My weekly "I"m outta shape swim workout day!" Luckily it was Holding Pace 100's on descending intervals which were pretty easy intervals. Unluckily I am so outta shape the concept of holding pace just doesn't compute.  

Speaking of not computing my Garmin Swim uploaded my workout but I've yet to see it on my Garmin Connect page.  Oh well, let's just say it was a slow workout.

Garmin-swimWarm Up
500 (I did 300 Swim / 200 Pull No Paddles)
3x100's Kick 15 seconds rest

Main Set:
3 Rounds
Holding Pace for all 3 Rounds.  Intervals descended each round starting at 1:50 then 1:40 and finishing up 1:35.  
(UPDATE:  The pace was your 500 yard race day pace!  Like I'd remember what a race day is.  Also we got an extra 30 seconds rest in between each round.)

When my data eventually appears I'll put up my splits.  But the first round I was 1:21, 1:20 and I think then two 1:18's.  The second round I was out in a 1:15 then 1:16 and then around the 15/16.  The third round the first one I was out faster but then settled to the 15/16 range.  

1    1:20.0     100     1:20
2    1:18.7     100     1:19
3    1:17.5     100     1:18
4    1:17.8     100     1:18
5    1:14.8     100     1:15
6    1:15.9     100     1:16
7    1:15.1     100     1:15
8    1:14.8     100     1:15
9    1:13.0     100     1:13
10    1:15.1     100     1:15
11    1:16.1     100     1:16
12    1:14.6     100     1:15

So not the best of times/splits but with once a week or once a month swimming I can't expect too much.  Plus it's not like I'm not doing dryland workouts.  I'm teaching six 60 minute spin classes, eight 30 minute spin classes and sub Core and Power (weight training) classes.  Yesterday I did Power so my body was sore.  

Total workout was 2,000 yards.  Hopefully I'll get in the water this weekend.  Last weekend I had another cold so I took time off from swimming.

My Progress for Go The Distance 2014
Month    Total Distance
Jan    2.76 miles (=4,850 yards, =4,435 meters)
Feb    4.15 miles (=7,300 yards, =6,675 meters)
Mar    1.14 miles (=2,000 yards, =1,829 meters)
Total    8.04 miles (=14,150 yards, =12,939 meters)
You'll need to pick up the pace to achieve your goal this year:
My goal pace: 17.53 miles required as of today to reach my goal by the end of the event
My actual current pace: 8.04 miles as of today

The one thing I always talk about when I talk to new members at the gym is "that numbers don't lie" in that when I first meet with them and do BMI/Body Fat % using one of those Portable Body VivofitFat Analyzer. I tell them not to worry about those numbers on Day One that over time as our body changes sometimes we may gain more muscle but less fat but weight the same or even more.  Or that we just may not see the changes in the mirror but to come back over time and retake your BMI/Body Fat % to see the changes.  Because numbers don't lie.  Which is why I like using the Garmin Swim in my workouts (Disclaimer: I purchased the Garmin Swim, my Garmin Forerunner 210 and Vivofit and wasn't approached by Garmin to talk about these products.)  I like to see how "fast" or how "slow" I'm going.  I love numbers and graphs.  Now besides my Swim and Forerunner I wear on dryland my Nike+ Fuelband and Fitbit Flex.  I use these to keep track of my daily activity.  Yeah, I know I work all day in fitness so why bother?  Well did I mention I like graphs?  But these two devices are not water resistant enough for swimming.  Yes, you can pay extra and purchase a water proof Nike+ from another company but that is extra.  But now Garmin has introduced the Garmin Vivofit which is water resistant to 50 Meters.  Now a quick search of the internet typing Vivofit and Swimming and several review sites report that you can swim with it. So I've decided to pre-order it.  Figured it will work with my ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor so I can use it at the gym and still use it at the pool.  It comes out the end of the month so look for a hands on test sometime after that. Check it out at Garmin.


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