Speedo Advisors | How to warm up prior to swimming by Matt Taylor
Matt Abood & Andrew Abood - Trials SwimFan Skill Session Saturday

The Sloppy Backstroke Workout

I'll admit it I wimped out a bit this morning.  But I did get in some swimming.  A decent swim.  A swell swim.  A slow swim.  I just had to give up a little at the end of the main set.  

Warm Up
300 Swim
200 Pull No Paddles.  I got to get my rubber tubing fixed.  I think I have some tubing in a drawer or box somewhere.  
3x100's Kick 15 seconds rest

Main Set:
2x200's (400)
2x150's (300/700)
4x100's  (400/1100)
6x50's  (I did 5, 250/1350/2150)
The base interval was 1:40 but the 50's were on a minute.  We got 10 seconds or so extra rest after the 100's to reset leaving on the 30 on the clock.  I think it we were to go off on the 20, maybe.

The 2nd 200 and 150 was to be faster then the 1st.  The 100's were all descending.  The 50's all fast.  I was told to do both 200's something other then Free, one of the 150's other then free and I forget the rest. I did the 200's and 150's backstroke.  The 100's IM.  Don't ask about the 50's.  Have I mentioned I'm out of swim shape?

1    3:03.8     200     1:32
2    2:49.7     200     1:25

3    2:14.7     150     1:30
4    2:06.5     150     1:24

5    1:32.9     100     1:33
6    1:27.3     100     1:27
7    1:26.1     100     1:26
8    1:19.9     100     1:20

9    :42.9     50     1:26
10    :40.7     50     1:22
11    :44.6     50     1:29  
12    :50.5     50     1:41
13    :33.7     50     1:07

I took a 50 off and as you can see did an easy 50.  Since I haven't been swimming that much at all and can't remember the last time I did stroke I had very sloppy stroke.  I wasn't rotating my body during my backstroke pull and started to feel some pain on my left arm generally speaking at the bicep and shoulder.  After my 2nd 50 I just gave up.  I did the 3rd one slower, then one easy free 50, took a 50 off and finished with a 50 fly.

If I did my math right that was a 2,150 yard workout.  Not bad but Oy!  I should have stayed in bed it was 40F outside.  Brrr!  Too cold for me!  At least I'm swimming and got two swims in one week.  That is a record breaker for me of late.

Oh well it's breakfast time then off to teach spinning.


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