Interview with FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione
Rainbow Flag Gay Pride Swimsuit

Wednesday's Swim Report - The Swim Bond & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - The Telegraph posts "Desperately seeking the perfect swimming pool. Is the Olympic pool in Stratford the one that British swimmers have long been waiting for? Bernadette McNulty pays it a visit."

Lane 2 - Go Swim posts "Breaststroke - Flutter Kick. Helping swimmers develop faster hands out front, sometimes starts at the back."


Lane 3 - Men's Journal posts "Relearn to Crawl: Four Steps to Better Swimming."

Lane 4 - KRMG posts "Just in time for swim season: Peeing in the pool is bad for you. OK, we'll all stop, right?"

Lane 5 - The Sydney Morning Herald posts (w/video) "Bond with rivals proved a bitter pill, says James Magnussen. James Magnussen has revealed the dog-eat-dog nature of elite swimming was a reason the Australian relay team at the London Olympics used the sleeping tablet Stilnox at a controversial bonding session in the pre-Games camp at Manchester."

Lane 6 - PR Newswire posts "Aqua Sphere Transforms Pools into "Liquid Gyms" with Introduction of Aqua-X Gear. Swim Innovator Teams Up with Professionals to Create High-Intensity Training Program."


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