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The Swim like a Champion DVD Series Contest

The fine folks at has provided me with the Swim Like A Champion DVD Series to Swim_like_a_champgive away.  Here is some information on the DVD's:

The Fitter and Faster Swim Tour, presented by, is the only turn-key elite level swim clinic operation in the United States. Now learn proper stroke and training technique from the best swimmers in the world with FFT’s educational DVD series. This revolutionary instructional swimming video series 'Swim Like a Champion' features eight of America's best and most successful swimmers demonstrating and sharing their winning ways in over six hours of captivating video.

Featured athletes
Kara Lynn Joyce, Jimmy Feigen - Sprint Freestyle
Chloe Sutton, Peter Vanderkaay - Distance Freestyle
Mark Gangloff - Breaststroke
Matt Grevers - Backstroke
Clair Donohue, Tyler McGill - Butterfly

The DVD's include Swim Like A Champion Breaststroke, Backstroke Butterfly, Sprint Freestyle and Distance Freestyle.  One winner will be picked at random.  Just comment below telling me what is your favorite swim stroke and why.  Include a contact email so I can let the winner know.  The contest is open to April 29th, 2014 at 11:49 PM EST. 


Breast Stroke for me.
I like it because I don't choke myself!

Freestyle, the challenge to focus on every little detail in order to swim with proper technique motivates me to wake up every morning at 5am and hit the pool

My favorite stroke is Freestyle, the challenge of having to focus on every little detail in order to swim with proper technique motivates me every morning to wake up at 5am and hit the pool.

My favorite stroke is the breast stroke probably because I think that is my best one. Maybe it will change as I improve.

I have subscribed to your blog for awhile now and really enjoy the news round-ups. Good luck with your training too - I know what it's like to really appreciate the sport but struggle to find time in my daily life for it. Anyway, sorry it takes me wanting to enter this contest to come on here and say that... :)

My favorite stroke is backstroke. I like to breathe, and it provides a nice counterpoint for freestyle when my right shoulder starts acting up on me. Really, IM themed workouts are my favorite and if I won the random drawing I would be a very happy swimmer! Keep on blogging...

Freestyle...endless opportunities for improvement.

My favorite swim stroke would have to be the butterfly. No other stroke challanges your body to near exhaustion! Small changes can make the stroke feel easier, smoother, and less confusing. Hopefuly the DVD "Swim Like A Champion" would have me swim the butterfly with perfect form!!

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