USA Swimming - Good vs Poor Body Position off a Swimming Start
Arena unveils Team England swimsuits for Commonwealth Games #aspiretobe

Wednesday's Swim Report - Amazement Awaits & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - PR Web posts "The Race Club Announces Open Enrollment for Their Summer Camp. From June 19th through July 3rd, swimmers from all over can come to the Race Club to work on their technique. The superior swim club allows campers to choose their own workout schedule and enjoy the Florida Keys."

Lane 2 - Go Swim posts "Turns - Air Control Flip Turn. Many swimmers, especially ones still learning, can tend to allow too much air to escape during the flip turn. This is done to make sure no water goes UP the nose, but it also has a detrimental effect on your pushoff."

Lane 3 - NBC Sports posts "Tyler Clary eyes NASCAR after swimming at Rio Olympics. “I’m one of those guys who has a screw loose,” Clary said with a smile, according to the AP. “I’d rather go out with a big, fiery crash than slowly dying in my bed as an old guy.

Lane 4 - Daily Telegraph posts "I thought Kieren was too good, says Perkins’ fiancee Karen Davis. KIEREN Perkins’ fiancee has spoken for the first time about her love for the former Olympic swimmer, saying she felt unworthy of his ­affections. “Kieren proposed in Hobart and my first reaction is, ‘Are you sure?’” Karen Davis said."

Lane 5 - Nottingham Post has "Becky's lesson for 'teacher'. OLYMPIC swimmer Rebecca Adlington has been putting Waterloo Road star Jason Done through his paces in preparation for a charity swim."

Lane 6 - LA Wave posts "Swimming lessons. Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones teaches kids about water safety in the USA Swimming Foundation's highly touted Make a Spalsh program."

Lane 7 - Team USA posts "Amazement Awaits - Dr. Maya Angelou. In 2008, Dr. Maya Angelou was inspired to write the poem "Amazement Awaits" in honor of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The poem reflects the unity of the human experience and triumph over strife and doubt that brings all athletes together at the Olympic Games."

Lane 8 - News13 posts "Preventing child drownings. Studies show drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1 through 4, while minority children are three times more likely to drown. So what can parents do to protect children and prevent drowning when near the water? We asked former U.S. Olympic swimmer and three-time gold medalist Rowdy Gaines how to stay safe in the water."


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