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Don't Call It A Callback Swim Meet. My Ocala LCM Partial Swim Results

My first Masters Swim Meet in two years wasn't so pretty today.  I barely swimming so what was I thinking of jumping into the pool today?  I entered the 200 LCM Free, 50 LCM fly, 100 LCM fly, 200 LCM Back and barely finished the day with the 200 LCM fly.  It was a killer day!

The meet was in Ocala at some local college.  Not the greatest pool in the world but hey it's a pool. I think I swam more today then I have in some of my lap swims.  Ouchie!

First Event:

200 Freestyle: 200freeIt's a blurry pix but my time was 2:29.52 (it looks like a .52)  I went easy the first 100 yards and the guy blew me away but I started to close in on the last 50.  I was holding back since I hadn't swam long course in ages.  I was full of self-doubt.  This is the first time I've done the 200 LCM Freestyle so I have nothing to compare it with.

Second Event:

50 Butterfly: 100flyI did a 32.15 two years ago at the same meet so it wasn't so bad. 

Third Event:

100 Butterfly:

I don't have my results.  I don't have a previous time to compare to.  Hopefully the results will be up tomorrow.

Fourth Event:

200 Backstroke: 200backI've swum this event three times in the past.


So that was a pretty bad swim today!

Fifth Event:

200 Buttefly:

No results yet.  We left the meet before they were posted.  In the past for this age group I've swum this event with


So I know today was slower then that.  My arms were killing me!  I really didn't know if I was going to finish swimming the event.  Luckily it was my last event of the day. 


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