Easy Afternoon Swim Workout
SwimToday - I am an Alligator

May The Swim Be With You Workout.

Decided to sleep in and swim on my own.  Of course I don't push myself when I swim alone but I need the rest.  Being a spin instructor and personal trainer means I get up early during the week to workout others so come the weekened I like my sleep.  I need to break the sleep in cycle at least one day a weekend to swim with the gang.  But at least I swam...

Warm Up

200 Swim

200 Pull

400 Kick.

Stroke Set:

4x50's Back on 60

1    :48.2     50     1:36
2    :48.0     50     1:36
3    :47.5     50     1:35
4    :46.0     50     1:32

Nothing too fast. Then...

4x200's IM on 3:30

1    3:01.9     200     1:31
2    3:00.6     200     1:30
3    2:58.8     200     1:29
4    2:55.7     200     1:28

Not super fast here but I did descend.  My aches and pains seem to away but then the fatigue set's in.  Or is it boredom of swimming alone? 

4x50's Butterfly on 60

1    :37.1     50     1:14
2    :36.4     25     2:26
3    :35.9     50     1:12
4    :36.9     50     1:14

That last 50 my stroke just fell apart.  Fatigue set in. 

You MAY have noticed lot's of 4's.  It is May 4th which is Star Wars Day.  May the 4th Be With You!  It wasn't in my swim but alas "at least I'm swimming." 

2,000 yards.  I really wanted to swim 4,000 yards but just didn't have it in me.

My Progress for Go The Distance 2014
Month    Total Distance
Jan    2.76 miles (=4,850 yards, =4,435 meters)
Feb    4.15 miles (=7,300 yards, =6,675 meters)
Mar    5.82 miles (=10,250 yards, =9,373 meters)
Apr    7.41 miles (=13,050 yards, =11,933 meters)
May    2.16 miles (=3,800 yards, =3,475 meters)
Total    22.30 miles (=39,250 yards, =35,890 meters)


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