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Sunday's Swim Report - Swimming Butterfly & Other Swim Bits

Sunday Easy Day Swim Day

Well the Sunday Swim Gang wasn't getting together this morning at 7:30 so I slept in and headed to the pool around noon.  I wasn't very motivated to swim actually I was tired and still am tired.  But I needed to get a swim on.  It wasn't much of a workout as it was about 45 minutes and only 2500 2500yards.  Warm up a 1000 then kick 500 and pull a 1000 more.  Since I broke my Garmin Swim last week I had to buy a new swim watch.  I debated and debated on which watch to get.  Do I get another Garmin Swim, a Finis Swimsense or the Swimovate Watch?  I've been looking at my fellow swimmers Facebook and Twitter posts and it seems most people mention the Garmin or Finis.  So I went to Amazon to check out reviews.  One thing I noticed was low supplies in stock of the Finis which in tech products that usually means a new one is coming soon.  So I decided to go with another Garmin Swim.  I already own the Garmin Forerunner and the Garmin Vivofit so it made sense, sort of.

Warm Up:

3x200's Free on 3 minutes

4x100's Free on 1:30.

1    2:50.0     200     1:25
2    2:45.9     200     1:23
3    2:46.1     200     1:23
4    1:21.0     100     1:21
5    1:20.4     100     1:20
6    1:19.7     100     1:20
7    1:20.7     100     1:21

Figured it was enough rest but not too much.  Kept me moving a bit even at my slow pace. (1,000)

I then did a 10x50's easy kick on 60.  (500/1000)

5x100's Pulling w/ paddles on 1:40

10x50's Pulling w/paddles on 45

    1:22.1     100     1:22
2    1:20.7     100     1:21
3    1:22.9     100     1:23
4    1:19.9     100     1:20
5    1:20.3     100     1:20
6    :39.4     50     1:19
7    :37.9     50     1:16
8    :38.2     50     1:16
9    :37.5     50     1:15
10    :36.1     50     1:12
11    :35.8     50     1:11
12    :36.9     50     1:14
13    :37.1     50     1:14
14    :37.5     50     1:15
15    :38.1     50     1:16

Once again enough rest to keep me working hard but not crazy.  (1000/2500)  As I was getting ready for swimming I kept thinking of the various swim wearables like the Garmin Swim and how I love my charts.  Then I remembered the Instabeat that was crowdfunded last summer.  According to the last update 2 months ago it should be shipping soon.  These crowdfunded products always take forever.  I put up money for a Yoga mat company and that alone took 8 months so something a bit more technical like a heartrate monitor for goggles should take longer.  Starting tomorrow is going to be launching a new swim portable for swim wearables at  I'll be putting up a boiler plate press release later today on and will be posting my swims on here and there and talking about various aspects of  I have a few ideas of what I'd like to see on it so it'll be interesting to see what will bring to the web.

My Progress for Go The Distance 2014
Month    Total Distance
Jan    2.76 miles (=4,850 yards, =4,435 meters)
Feb    4.15 miles (=7,300 yards, =6,675 meters)
Mar    5.82 miles (=10,250 yards, =9,373 meters)
Apr    7.41 miles (=13,050 yards, =11,933 meters)
May    13.59 miles (=23,926 yards, =21,878 meters)
Jun    4.46 miles (=7,850 yards, =7,178 meters)
Total    38.20 miles (=67,226 yards, =61,472 meters)


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