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Sunday's Swim Report - Around The Pool & Other Swim Bits

The Once A Month Swim Workout

It's been way too long without swimming.  Almost a month!  Oy!  I set my alarm this morning to go swimming but pressed snooze way too many times.  Finally at 7:17 I got out of bed put on a swim suit Sunswimand just headed to the pool.  The gang on Sunday meet up at 7:30am and I was the first at the pool.  I thought maybe they no longer got together.  I was about to go home and back to bed then one arrived. 

Warm Up

Mixed 600.  Some swim, some pull but all free.

Drill Set:

4x50's Kick on 1:10

4x50's Drill/Swim on 1:10

Main Set:

5x100's Free on 1:50 Desecnding

1    1:21.0     100     1:21
2    1:18.0     100     1:18
3    1:15.4     100     1:15
4    1:13.2     100     1:13
5    1:10.4     100     1:10

Take a break.

3x100's on 2mins.

50 Fly / 50 Back

50 Back / 50 Breast

50 Breast  50 Freee

6    1:25.2     100     1:25
7    1:43.9     100     1:44
8    1:34.1     100     1:34

Take  a break

2x100's FAST on 3.

I did them IM.

9    1:26.9     100     1:27
10    1:28.1     100     1:20 That time is wrong.  I fogot to hit the button on my watch.  It was a 1:16.

Nothing great but without swimming for almost a month I'm beat.  The pool water temp was in the high 80's F.  The F stands for FUCKIN' HOT!  But I got in 2,000 yards.  That is more then I swim on my own when I get to the pool for lunch hour swims. 

My Progress for Go The Distance 2014
Month    Total Distance
Jan    2.76 miles (=4,850 yards, =4,435 meters)
Feb    4.15 miles (=7,300 yards, =6,675 meters)
Mar    5.82 miles (=10,250 yards, =9,373 meters)
Apr    7.41 miles (=13,050 yards, =11,933 meters)
May    13.59 miles (=23,926 yards, =21,878 meters)
Jun    5.60 miles (=9,850 yards, =9,007 meters)
Jul    2.44 miles (=4,300 yards, =3,932 meters)
Aug    1.14 miles (=2,000 yards, =1,829 meters)
Total    42.91 miles (=75,526 yards, =69,061 meters)

July was just a sad month!  4,000 yards for the month basically.  That's like one long swim workout.  May was the only descent month this year.  I know August won't be great.  Oh well.  At least I'm swimming sorta and some of the time. 


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