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Tuesday's Swim Report - 90 Year Old Swims It & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - USA Today posts "Swimmers brave lightning, shark threats in ocean swim. Hundreds of swimmers braved threat of lightning strikes Sunday to compete in a two-mile ocean swim that ended at the same pier where another swimmer was bit by a seven-foot shark last month."

Lane 2 - Go Swim posts "Breaststroke - Sneaky Extension Practice.  One of the most important aspects of a great breaststroke will be the extended position underwater. Here's a little bit of a sneaky way to get your swimmers to practice this."

Lane 3 - Clearwater Gazette posts "Masters swimmers compete at Long Center. The 3rd annual “Dog Days of Summer” LCM Masters Swim Meet took place Saturday and Sunday at the Long Center, 1501 N Belcher Rd. More than 60 swimmers competed in the U.S. Masters Swimming-sanctioned event hosted by the city of Clearwater and St. Petersburg/Clearwater Sports Commission."

Lane 4 - The Northern Echo posts "Superfit Mary is still high-kicking at 90. A SUPERFIT grandmother has been recognised for her dedication to keep fit classes as she celebrated her 90th birthday. She also swam competitively with the Darlington Masters Swimming Club until recently when she gave up driving and could not attend the evening classes by bus."

Lane 5 - The Lakeland Times posts "From pool rat to national competitor. Minocqua woman has participated in national swim meets since 2003. Kranpitz, who has been participating in masters swimming competitions for 35 years and has attended nationals since 2003, didn’t have the clearest road. For Kranpitz growing up, there weren’t many opportunities to follow her swimming passion outside of the Neenah community swimming pool."

Lane 6 - USMS posts "How the Greatest NFL Game Has Helped My Swimming. Inspiration from an unlikely source."

Lane 7 - Go Swim posts "Freestyle - Disappear Behind Your Hand. Keeping your body narrow on freestyle makes hydrodynamic sense, but how narrow IS narrow?"

Lane 8 - Outsports posts "Gay high school swimmer, 16, is in the comfort zone. Bree Bailey struggled with her sexuality until she realized she was a lesbian. "Nothing any of you can say will be able to change the fact I like girls."


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