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Sunday's Swim Report - Some Swim Wisdom & Other Swim Bits

Suffering a little injury so no swimming today but I did go golfing instead.  After 9 holes of land golf I'm so much better when I stay in the pool.  Hopefully I'll be back to swimming by next weekend.  Till then here is some Swim Bits...

Lane 1 - Sporting News posts (w/video) "Ryan Lochte, Make-A-Wish give 15-year-old unforgettable day."

Lane 2 - Go Swim posts "Freestyle - With Dolphin Kick."

Lane 3 - Colorado State Rams posts "Amy's new challenge. Street on campus renamed Amy Van Dyken Way. Colorado State celebrated former swimmer and six-time Olympic gold medalist Amy Van Dyken by renaming a street on campus Amy Van Dyken Way to honor her many accomplishments."

Lane 4 - OC Register posts "Fate of Belmont Plaza Pool to be decided. During one of the public meetings to discuss plans replace the deteriorating Belmont Plaza Pool, an onlooker without a vested interest in the project asked the simplest of questions: “Why are we arguing over a pool?" The answer was also simple: This isn’t just any pool.Long Beach Press-Telegram posts 'Belmont Pool could be Olympic again: Guest commentary."

Lane 5 - The Monitor posts "Olympic swimmer shares wisdom with McAllen Swim Club. Although Nick Thoman’s life has revolved around swimming pools, his biggest tip for members of the McAllen Swim Club was to keep practicing at home."

Lane 6 - The Courier Mail posts "Australia gets top coaches back: Stephan Widmer, Shannon Rollason to help develop swim stars."

Lane 7 - USC Athletics posts "Men's Water Polo: Stanford 11, USC 10."

Lane 8 - Broadwayworld posts "SwimFast Ergometer Swim Machine is Launched. SwimFast Ergometer: A new training tool to help swimmers, from elite to enthusiast, perfect their stroke."


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