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Monday's Swim Report - Floating On & Other Swim Bits

Skipping A Pebble Off The Lane Line Swim Workout

Ugh!  I swam.  I set my alarm and got up and actually went to the pool.  It seems that I'm getting to swim once every three weeks.  I was excited to swim today to try the app on the Pebble Watch.  Everything seemed to go okay when swimming with the watch, I sync'ed after my swim but now my workout is lost.  Ugh!  I'll have to search for it later, I'm sure it's user error.

Warm Up

500 yards, I guess.

300 Kick. The app doesn't have a "DRILL" setting like the Garmin Swim so it just registered a time. (800)

Main Set:

2x275's Free on 3 Minutes (350)

6x125's on 2:20 (750/1100)

25 Back / 25 Free / 25 Back / 25 Free / 25 Back

25 Free / 25 Breast / 25 Free / 25 Breast / 25 Free

25 Free / 25 Breast / 50 Back / 25 Fly


4x75's on 1:15 (300/1400/2200)

So that was it.  If I can get my splits uploaded I'll post them later.  2,200 yards isn't much unless you haven't been swimming like myself.  I was dogging the breaststroke 125's.  But really worked the IM one and then the 4x75's Free.  Looking at the Pebble I did a 56, 56, 54 and 55.  Not fast but not bad for someone not swimming.  I'm in great shape just not swim.  I gotta make more of an effort getting to the pool at least on Sundays.  I figure I can also get Tday in the pool.  

My Fitness Log Events

My Progress for Go The Distance 2014

Month Total Distance
Jan 2.76 miles (=4,850 yards, =4,435 meters)
Feb 4.15 miles (=7,300 yards, =6,675 meters)
Mar 5.82 miles (=10,250 yards, =9,373 meters)
Apr 7.41 miles (=13,050 yards, =11,933 meters)
May 13.59 miles (=23,926 yards, =21,878 meters)
Jun 5.60 miles (=9,850 yards, =9,007 meters)
Jul 2.44 miles (=4,300 yards, =3,932 meters)
Aug 4.15 miles (=7,300 yards, =6,675 meters)
Sep 2.22 miles (=3,900 yards, =3,566 meters)
Oct 2.64 miles (=4,650 yards, =4,252 meters)
Nov 1.25 miles (=2,200 yards, =2,012 meters)
Total 52.03 miles (=91,576 yards, =83,737 meters)


I wrote to the fine folks at about the Pebble working with the app and here is the conversation: No_Butterfly_for_youSo in other words only swim freestyle with your Pebble Watch.  I'll be writting more on the Pebble Watch later this week.  Maybe I'll get in an all Free workout on my own next Saturday.


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