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The Australian Dolphins Swim Team - The spirit of the green and gold.

Sunday's Swim Report - The Lane Back To The Pool & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - Take Part posts "How a Former Olympian Became An LGBT Icon of the Fashion World. After facing discrimination in sports, Casey Legler took a surprising career turn."

Lane 2 - Go Swim posts "Freestyle - Breathing to Both Sides. Sure, most people call it "bilateral" breathing, but when you're working with developing swimmers, try to keep the language as common as possible."

Lane 3 - The Charlotte Observer posts "Ryan Lochte swimming against his reputation. Olympian still struggling with jock persona, still adjusting to Charlotte, still looking for Mrs. Right (sort of)."

Lane 4 - Brisbane Times posts "How swimming turned my life around: Grant Hackett. The road to recovery: Former Olympian's return to the pool after nearly seven years away from competition is proving to be fun."

Lane 5 - The Daily Telegraph posts "Sexy Cheyenne Tozzi is living it up in Sydney on a luxury boat with her pal Ian Thorpe."

Lane 6 - The Nottingham Post has "Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington expecting baby girl."

Lane 7 - Speedo posts "2015 Speedo Sculpture swimwear collection. Love your swim with Speedo Sculpture bodyshaping swimwear. New 2015 collection just arrived at www.speedo.com"

Lane 8 - Marine Times posts "Marines help coach Afghanistan's first water polo team."


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