Nutri-Grain: 2015 Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships - How To Put on the TYR "Freak of Nature" Wetsuit

Tuesday's Swim Report - Swimming Lane Etiquette & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - CBS Baltimore posts "Rowdy Gaines On The Performance Of Michael Phelps Over The Weekend. Rowdy started off by talking about how he would grade Phelp’s performance in the pool over the weekend saying “well if I’m scaling it on a one to ten basis I give it a solid 8…he looked more comfortable in the water, everything last year was kind of a zoo.” 

Lane 2 - Aqua Sphere Swim posts "MP Michael Phelps - XPRESSO Tech Suit. The XPRESSO competition tech suit is engineered with Aqua Sphere’s exclusive Exo-Core technology – a combination of Exo Foil and Aqua Core technologies, each having their own unique properties. The combination of these two fabrics delivers a new, higher level of performance."

Lane 3 - NBC Sports posts "French Swimming Federation official refutes Amaury Leveaux’s claim. A French Swimming Federation official denied the French swim team used cocaine, a claim made by Olympic champion Amaury Leveaux in an autobiography."

Lane 4 - Global Post has "Park Tae-wan's doc pleads not guilty to negligence. Swimmer Park Tae-hwan's doctor Tuesday pleaded not guilty to misleading him about an injection of a banned substance that stripped him of his Asian Games medals last year."

Lane 5 - WDRB posts "Local students receive lessons on swimming and life from Olympic swimmers. "Teaching them how to float is one of the most fun parts because you can see the a-ha moment when it clicks and they're sitting by themselves."

Lane 6 - NZ Herald posts "What is the swimming lane etiquette when using a public pool? - Water Woes, Wellington."

Lane 7 - The Longest Swim posts "Dr. Levine and NASA remote guidance echo to monitor Ben's heart during his swim."

Lane 8 - ContraCostaTimes posts "41st annual Long Beach Grand Prix another hit with fans, racers. Olympic swimmer Dara Torres, actor Mekhi Phifer and the race’s unofficial mayor Rutledge Wood, NBC’s resident race analyst, were part of the celebrity field and, of course, defending champion, actor Brett Davern, was back."


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