Sunday's Swim Report - Keeping Swimming Fun & Other Swim Bits
It's A Shark Attack At @swimoutlet #sharkweek

Monday's Shark Report - Shark Week & Swim Bits As Bait Edition

Bite 1 - Vox posts "Shark Week is upon us. And as a shark scientist, I both love and hate it."

Bite 2 - Discovery posts "Glow-in-the-Dark Sharks | Shark Week 2015"

Bite 3 - ABC11 posts "MARINE INJURED IN 8TH SHARK ATTACK ALONG NORT CAROLINA COAST. A spokesman for the Naval Hospital at Camp Lejeune said the victim was brought into the hospital late Saturday night."

Bite 4 - Fox News posts "Navy diver who lost two limbs in shark attack goes on quest for 'Joan of SddefaultShark'" Paul de Gelder lost two limbs in a 2009 shark attack when he was an Australian Navy clearance diver. Unbowed, he continues to dive with sharks to learn more about them. He stars in Discovery Channel’s Shark Week special, “Bride of Jaws," about the the quest to find and re-tag "Joan of Shark," which, at 16 feet, is the largest female Great White shark to ever be tagged."

Bite 5 - Business Insider posts "There's an unstoppable reason for the recent surge in shark attacks. More than half a dozen shark attacks have happened in North Carolina in the last three weeks — nearly as many as happened all of last year. Experts say this summer is brewing up something of a perfect storm for the attacks."

Bite 6 - Fox News posts "Justin Bieber's buddy gets a shark bite during vacation. Shark Week isn't working out well for Justin Bieber.  The pop star's friend endured a nasty shark bite, courtesy of a reef shark the buds ran into while vacationing together over the Fourth of July holiday weekend."

Bite 7 - Discovery posts "Monster Mako: Mako Sharks Launch Like Rockets | Shark Week 2015"

Bite 8 - Vox posts "Sharks as you won't see them on Shark Week: Intelligent and remarkably social animals."


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