Saturday's Swim Report - Final Swim Races & Other Swim Bits
Withings - Swimming with champion Frederick Bousquet

Sunday's Swim Report - Pop Goes The Swimmer & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - NY Press posts "A Solution for Disabled Swimmers. In response to complaints, City parks will replace battery-operated lifts at public pools with hydraulic ones."

Withings-activite-pop-frederic-bousquet-piscine-molitor-paris-4Lane 2 - Withings posts "Swimming with champion Frederick Bousquet. Bousquet dove into a pool in Paris on the day of our swim tracking launch to demo the new feature and is currently helping Withings give Activité and Activité Pop users the best possible swim tracking experience. He has more than a few tips to give you, whether you’re a sometime splasher or an experienced swimmer."

Lane 3 - Our Windsor posts "Pan Am pool built for speed. Depth, contours, wider lanes make aquatic centre pool one of the world’s fastest. What evolved is a sophisticated approach to give swimmers every advantage. Decks are gently sloped up from the pool, which quells waves, to a drainage system so water pushed out of the pool does not splash back. Instead it goes into a holding tank designed to instantly release the same amount of water back into the pool so the level never changes."

Lane 4 - The Bellingham Herald posts "Lezak jumps in to teach Whatcom swimmers. The importance of having fun while training to be an athlete was the take-away point from eight-time Olympic medalist Jason Lezak as he spoke to young Whatcom County swim team members on Saturday, July 18. “When I just showed up and went through the motions, my body was there but my heart wasn’t, and I couldn’t perform,” Lezak said."

Lane 5 - Outsports posts "Arizona swimmer came out as gay and everybody shrugged."

Lane 6 - Active posts "How to Train for an Open Water Race in the Pool. As a triathlete, you are an open water swimmer. Preparing for ocean or lake swimming is requisite, but good news--it's something that can be practiced in the pool. Even on days when you're unable to get to a local lake or the ocean, there are some training methods that can be accomplished in the pool that simulate many open water skills."


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