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Belmont pool project - please submit comments on the E.I.R.

The draft Environmental Impact Report (D.E.I.R.) for the Belmont pool project has been posted.

This is a request for everyone in favor of the project to PLEASE submit comments to the D.E.I.R in its the various sections. While the entire document is over 600 pages, those who are not obsessive-compulsive types can focus on the 2-page Belmont Pool NOA (Notice of Availability) and the 84-page Executive Summary. The links to various sections of the D.E.I.R. are listed below.

Comments must be received by the City of Long Beach no later than June 16, 2016 (address is on the second page of the NOA).

Here's the link to the April 9 presentation to the community, which provided an update on the project and revealed the proposed Belmont pool design:

In addition, here are a number of links to the Draft Environmental Impact Report. The report is on line at, but it is currently the 8th report listed on that page.

Belmont Pool NOA
Cover Volume I
Master TOC
1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Introduction
3.0 Project Description
4.0 Existing Environmental Setting
4.1 Aesthetics
4.2 Air Quality
4.3 Biological Resources
4.4 Cultural Resources
4.5 Geology
4.6 Global Climate Change
4.7 Hazards and Hazardous Materials
4.8 Hydrology-Water Quality
4.9 Land Use
4.10 Noise
4.11 Recreation
4.12 Transportation and Traffic
4.13 Utilities
5.0 Alternatives
6.0 Long-Term Implications
7.0 MMRP
8.0 List of Preparers
9.0 References
Cover Volume II

Re-Issued NOP
Revitalization Initial Study
Notice of Preparation
Initial Study


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