USA Swimming Olympic Team 2016 - Melanie Margalis
Go Swim - Freestyle - Stable Head Snorkel

Go Swim - All-Strokes - Wyoming Board Drop GoSwim

While at the University of Wyoming, we watched a kick set that incorporated resistance training and speed.

Why do it:
The change from over-resistance, to over speed, can awaken the senses and make the focus on the walls greater, all while building fitness.

How to do it:
1 - Put on fins and grab a board.
2 - On the first 25, hold the board underwater and sideways to create the most resistance possible.
3 - Just a bit over halfway down the lap, drop the board, increase the intensity of the kick, and sprint into the wall.
4 - Perform a FAST turn, and dolphin quickly back out to the board.
5 - Pick up the board and kick back for the next round.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Once you drop the board, stop breathing. Keep the head in line to stabilize the body and stroke. This increased focus can also help the swimmer focus on the wall from a bit further out to make sure the turn is on stroke.

Try to find the perfect spot to drop the board so you don't go passed it on the way out to pick it up.


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