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Go Swim - Freestyle - Stable Head Snorkel

While visiting the Austin Swim Club and Coach Brendan Hansen, he had pointed out an athlete that was using the snorkel to help keep the head stable in freestyle.
Why do it:
The head leads the way, and it's a great indicator of how you're applying your energy in swimming.
How to do it:
1 - Put on the snorkel and swim freestyle.
2 - Focus on keeping the head as stable as possible.
How to do it really well (the fine points):
While looking from deck, at certain angles, it looks amazing. This swimmer is focusing as much as possible and doing a great job. However, when we look underwater, we see we still have a few things to work on.
Finding just the right rhythm, the right extension and rotation, the right hand placement, to make sure the head is absolutely stable and moving forward is a search that isn't all that simple. Too little power, head is stable but you're not connecting to the water as much. Too much extension, and you may introduce incorrect lines under. Trying to apply too much power, and you may be pushing DOWN into the water rather than sending everything forward.
Creating a great freestyle takes time, effort and a lot of thought. Using a snorkel can allow you to take a step back and focus on exactly what you're head is doing as you swim. Keep it stable.
This swimmer is on his way for sure!


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