Another 20 Minute Quick Swim Workout
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Go Swim - Butterfly - Teaching a Better Catch - Step 5

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One of the most important aspects of developing a great catch, it making sure the hands stay HIGH during the extension.

A quick test is to use kickboards in the process.

Have the swimmer place a kickboard under each hand. Do not grab the kickboard, but lay each hand on each board.

Start with Position 11 kick, floating the hands on top of the boards.

When the swimmer feels confident they can keep the hands remaining at the surface, have her gently push the boards off to the side.

When the boards are dropped, pay special attention that he swimmers hands do not fall into the water, but continue to stay very close to the surface, extending the body forward.

After the swimmer has mastered keeping the hands high after dropping the boards, have her move forward to Step 4, and allow the hands to drop into the catch.


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