Thank You Matthew Swim Workout
Another Easy Sunday Swim

Go Swim - Backstroke

If you think this swimmer's head position is a bit high, we thought so too. Click the link at the beginning of the video to watch how we worked with him to become more aware of that.

Helping young swimmers understand that backstroke requires RATE can be tricky. We don't want to always have them sprinting, but we can't slow them down so much that they can't race.

Why do it:
This already takes into consideration the swimmer already has a solid pull pattern, so don't rush this rushing.

How to do it:
1 - While many swimmers focus on slicing the hand into the water with no splash, too much of this can take away the attack the swimmer will need to swim fast.
2 - Start by having the swimmer MAKE CONTACT with the surface. Have them FEEL the hand hitting the surface. This can help maintain momentum of the recovering arm into the catch.
3 - To really get the hands moving, RIP the hands out at the back of the stroke. The instant the hand is finishing, GET IT OUT and into the recovery.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Don't worry about being smooth, or having a clean entry, great backstroke takes rate, and maintaining that rate will take some attack at some point in the stroke.

Always remember, your body is rolling during the recovery and pull of backstroke, slowing for a clean entry can cause that roll to slow or pause. Make the transition from one side to the other SNAP with more rate.


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