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Daily Swim Report - Back In The Swim of Things & Other Swim Bits

Attempting to restart blogging again...

Lane 1 - CAL Alumni Associate posts "Steady Crawl: The Life of an Elite Swimmer Mom After the Olympics. In the afternoons, Dana Vollmer, 7-time Olympic medalist, takes her kid to the playground near their house in Danville. Sometimes people recognize them. But not usually. “It’s always the moms,” she says, who recognize her. Or more accurately recognize her and her 19-month-old son, Arlen, together."

Lane 2 - Turn To 10 posts (w/video) "Olympic swimmer Elizabeth Beisel jumps into role of coach. After 14 years of 24/7 training, two-time Olympic medalist Elizabeth Beisel finally has some time off. Following the Summer Games in Rio, she took a vacation to Thailand and Australia. Now, the 24-year-old Olympian is back home in the Ocean State with plenty of free time."

Lane 3 - Sport24 posts "Olympic champion Le Clos relocating to Cape Town. South African swimming sensation, Chad le Clos, will leave his hometown of Durban to relocate to Cape Town."

Lane 4 - US Weekly posts "Ryan Lochte’s Fiancee, Kayla Rae Reid, Reveals She Got a Botched Boob Job: ‘They Were Just Way Too Big for My Body’"



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