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Daily Swim Report - Rake vs Paddle & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - China Daily posts "Swimming star Park Tae-hwan speaks out. In an interview afterward he said he was pressed by former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Kim Jong to skip the Rio Olympics. "He said if I don't go to the Rio Olympics, I would be assured of getting a sponsorship and being a professor at Dankook University. But if I do what I want, I would be in a very awkward situation,"Park said."

Lane 2 - Science Daily posts "Paddle or rake to improve your swimming stroke? Note to elite swimmers: Are you looking for a competitive edge in the hydrodynamics of your front crawl? Start by considering your stroke. If you are paddling, swimming with fingers pressed together like a blade, try spreading your fingers apart and rake the water for greater efficiency."

Lane 3 - Channel News Asia posts "Joseph Schooling's next goal: To break 100m butterfly world record. Speaking to Channel NewsAsia on the sidelines of a golf fundraiser organised by the Singapore Swimming Association, Schooling shared how he hopes his training regime will bring him closer to that target."

Lane 4 - Daily Mail posts "Au revoir, Australia! Ian Thorpe is moving to PARIS with socialite boyfriend Ryan Channing."


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