USA Swimming - 4x100m Rreestyle Relay | Relay of The Year | 2016 Golden Goggles Award #GoldenGoggles
USA Swimming - Anthony Ervin | Perseverance Award | 2016 Golden Goggles Award #GoldenGoggles

Daily Swim Report - Ryan Ain't Buyin' Phelps & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - TMZ posts (w/video) "RYAN LOCHTE - MICHAEL PHELPS RETIRED FOR GOOD?... I Ain't Buyin' It."

Lane 2 - Page Six posts "Olympic swimmer recalls near-death drowning experience. When Jones’ mom took him for swimming lessons: “It took five different teachers to get comfortable. I started to learn at the YMCA, then [the Newark Swim Team] really cultivated my swimming skills.

Lane 3 - Sporting News posts "Michael Phelps struggling to comprehend Olympic success. "Honestly it'll take years before I can fully comprehend everything that has happened in my career," he said Monday night at USA Swimming's Golden Goggles Awards."

Lane 4 - TODAY posts "Joseph Schooling calls for better support for local athletes. “When I race, what’s on my chest? It’s not my name, it’s the Singapore flag. Do you think it’s fair my parents pay all this money and suffer for me to represent my country? That’s their decision to support me, there should be better support if a person is serious and competitive enough to change their lifestyle drastically to try to bring glory and honour to our country."


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