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Daily Swim Bit - Combatting Lap Swims & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - Palmer College of Chiropractic posts "DR. KEVIN RINDAL: MY EXPERIENCE AS AN OLYMPIC TEAM CHIROPRACTOR. Kevin Rindal, D.C., CCSP®, Davenport ’06, served as the official chiropractor for the 40-member USA Swimming team at the recent Summer Olympics in Rio. “Earning the appointment as USA Swimming’s team-chiropractor at the Summer ’16 Olympics ranks as the greatest honor of my professional career, and it was an absolute privilege to serve our swimmers for over a month (during the training camps and the Olympic games) as a member of the medical support staff,” said Dr. Rindal, one of six chiropractors in his family, and the founder of InHealth Sports Injury and Performance in Seattle, where the practice team includes his brother, Curt Rindal, D.C., West ‘12."

Lane 2 - Morehouse College posts "OLYMPIC MEDALIST ENCOURAGES ALL STUDENTS TO LEARN HOW TO SWIM. More than 20 young swimmers waded in the water at the Archer Hall Swimming Pool this week to get lessons from an Olympiad. Olympic Medalist Maritza Correia, the first black woman to set an American record in swimming, took time to give individual tips to each child who signed up for the celebrity swim lesson at Morehouse College. She said part of her mission as an athlete is to share her love of swimming with children and others who may be fearful of getting in the water."

Lane 3 - NY Post has "Ryan Lochte turns down plea deal for lying about Rio ‘robbery’. Disgraced Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has turned down a plea deal with Brazilian prosecutors to drop criminal charges connected to his tall tale of a gunpoint robbery, according to a report."

Lane 4- Arena Water Instinct posts "Lap Swim for Beginners: Overcoming the Boredom of Repetition.  It’s true that swimming doesn’t offer the distraction of changing scenery or the satisfaction of seeing a distant destination grow closer, but lap swim doesn’t have to be monotonous."


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