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Cal Men's Swimming: Ryan Murphy gets his Olympic rings tattoo

First Swim of the First Week of the Last Month of the Year.

It's December.  I got my first ssim in for the month this morning.  It wasn't much but it was a swim.

Warm Up:

400 Swim

400 Kick

Pull Set:

8x100's on 1:30 (800/1600)

IM Set:

4 Rounds of 4x50's IM Switches on 60 Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free and Free/Fly (800/2400)

Fly Set:

4x50's Fly on 60 (200)


4x50's Flyon 60 (200)

2,800 yards?   I'm putting the ? mark do to the fact I can't remember if I did all 4 rounds of IM Switches.  I was debating stopping after the 3rd round.  It's all a blur.  Let's just say 2,800 yards.  The last 4x50's Fly felt like 2,800 yards.  

My Progress for Go The Distance 2016

Month Total Distance
Jan 0.99 miles (=1,750 yards, =1,600 meters)
Mar 2.73 miles (=4,800 yards, =4,389 meters)
Aug 5.20 miles (=9,150 yards, =8,367 meters)
Sep 8.38 miles (=14,750 yards, =13,487 meters)
Oct 8.38 miles (=14,750 yards, =13,487 meters)
Nov 11.82 miles (=20,800 yards, =19,020 meters)
Dec 1.59 miles (=2,800 yards, =2,560 meters)
Total 39.09 miles (=68,800 yards, =62,911 meters)

I'm going to try to swim Saturday and Sunday as the pool will close on Monday for two weeks.  Don't know when I start a new job which falls in the two weeks so swimming may happen but when and where is up in the air.


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