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I Believe I Can Butterfly Swim Set

I Believe I Can Fly Workout

Warm Up:
300 Free
300 Pull
300 Kick (900)

Main Set:
50 Fly on 60 (50)
100 Free on 1:45 (150)
2x50's Fly on 60 (250)
100 Free on 1:45 (350)
3x50's Fly on 60 (500)
100 Free on 1:45 (600)
4x50's Fly on 60 (800)
100 Free on 1:45 (900)
3x50's Fly on 60 (1050)
100 Free on 1:45 (1150)
2x50's Fly on 60 (1250)
100 Free on 1:45 (1350)
50 Fly on 60 (1400/2300)

The fly was meant to swim at endurance pace whatever that may be.  While the free was recovery but not too slow.  I wish I had my Garmin Swim to see my splits but whatever.  Hopefully by the new year I'll have a new watch to get my splits.  

My Progress for Go The Distance 2016

Month Total Distance
Jan 0.99 miles (=1,750 yards, =1,600 meters)
Mar 2.73 miles (=4,800 yards, =4,389 meters)
Aug 5.20 miles (=9,150 yards, =8,367 meters)
Sep 8.38 miles (=14,750 yards, =13,487 meters)
Oct 8.38 miles (=14,750 yards, =13,487 meters)
Nov 11.82 miles (=20,800 yards, =19,020 meters)
Dec 4.15 miles (=7,300 yards, =6,675 meters)
Total 41.65 miles (=73,300 yards, =67,026 meters)

I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote the workout last night but I did change the free on 1:30 to 1:45.  I don't think I could have finished the set swimming alone at that interval.  Luckily the heater or one of the heaters seemed to be off this morning which made the water nice and cool.  The heater has been on the fritz and that is why the pool will be closed for at least a  week.  I plan on hitting another pool tomorrow morning.  Tuesday I got a training meeting in Orlando so no swimming.  The rest of the week is up in the air.  With two weeks to the Rowdy Gaines Masters Meet I still don't know if I'm swimming but will train for it just in case.


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