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Want Some Butterfries with that workout?

Oy!  Lot's of butterfly this morning!

Warm Up:

400 broken free.  Took my time.  Open turns, flip turns...whatever.

Free Set:

3x100's Kick w/fins on 2:10

4x100's Pull w/paddles on 1:45

3x100's Kick w/fins on 2:10

4x100's Pull w/paddles on 1:45 (1400/1800)

Butterfly Set:

Two Rounds of

4x50's Butterfly Kick w/ Fins on back on 60

no rest round 1 and 60 seconds rest for round 2

8x50's Fly/Free by 25 on 60

Rest 30 seconds round 1 and 90 seconds for round 2

100 Fly

rest 1 minute (1400/3200)

Oy!  I'm hurting due to the butterfly!

My Progress for Go The Distance 2017

Month Total Distance
Feb 0.97 miles (=1,700 yards, =1,554 meters)
Mar 4.89 miles (=8,600 yards, =7,864 meters)
Apr 4.03 miles (=7,100 yards, =6,492 meters)
May 1.42 miles (=2,500 yards, =2,286 meters)
Aug 6.90 miles (=12,150 yards, =11,110 meters)
Total 18.21 miles (=32,050 yards, =29,307 meters)


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