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Last Swim Before Florida Bites The Dust

Got in a swim this morning before the pools close to futher notice.  With Irma approaching the pools and mostly everything else in the state is closing today.  I had planned on doing 4,000 yards but time ran out!

SwimWarm Up:

500 Swim


Pull / Kick Freestyle: (1000/1500)

10x50’s Pull on 55

10x50’s Kick on 1:05


Fly / Back Set: (1600/3100)

1x50 Fly on 60 (50)

2x50’s Back on 60 (100/150)

2x50’s Fly on 60 (100/250)

3x50’s Back on 60 (150/400)

3x50’s Fly on 60 (150/550)

4x50’s Back on 60 (200/750)

100 Fly on 2 Minutes (100/850)

1x50 Back on 60 (50/900)

2x50’s Fly on 60 (100/1000)

2x5o’s Back on 60 (100/1100)

3x50’s Fly on 60 (150/1250)

3x50’s Back on 60 (150/1400)

4x50’s Fly on 60 (200/1600/3100)


Kick / Recovery Set: (400/3500)

8x50's Kick on 1:10

My Progress for Go The Distance 2017

Month Total Distance
Feb 0.97 miles (=1,700 yards, =1,554 meters)
Mar 4.89 miles (=8,600 yards, =7,864 meters)
Apr 4.03 miles (=7,100 yards, =6,492 meters)
May 1.42 miles (=2,500 yards, =2,286 meters)
Aug 6.90 miles (=12,150 yards, =11,110 meters)
Sep 4.03 miles (=7,100 yards, =6,492 meters)

22.24 miles (=39,150 yards, =35,799 meters)

I really had hoped I'd have to Sunday morning to swim.  I had planned a short workout today, tomorrow and longer on Sunday.  Oh Well.  My fault for not swimming this past week.  Lot's of excuses.  Once the pool reopens I'll be back even if it's short swims.  Hopefully by Wednesday/Thursday.  Or I'll just start swimming in the streets till I hit dryland somewhere around Georgia.


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