Sunday Swimmie Day
My First Weighted Vest WOD

Back In the Pool The October Edition

IWahoo! A Swim!  That is two in one week.  Although today was cut short as pool time on Tuesday is limited, I chatted a bit IMG_2606and got a little shoulder impingement due to bad stroke technique.  

Warm Up

400 Swim

400 Kick

8x50's Pull on 60 breathing every 4 (1200)

IM Set:

4x50's on 60 IM Switches (200)

100 IM on 1:45 (100/300)

100 Kick Easy (100/400)

Was going to  repeat the set...

Got in one 50 switch...chatted...(50/450)

4x100's IM on 1:45 (I think) or was it 2 minutes?  Ugh (400/850)

100 easy kick (100/950/2150)

4x50's Free swim on 45 (200/2350)

And that was it....I'll try swimming tomorrow...

My Progress for Go The Distance 2017

Month Total Distance
Feb 0.97 miles (=1,700 yards, =1,554 meters)
Mar 4.89 miles (=8,600 yards, =7,864 meters)
Apr 4.03 miles (=7,100 yards, =6,492 meters)
May 1.42 miles (=2,500 yards, =2,286 meters)
Aug 6.90 miles (=12,150 yards, =11,110 meters)
Sep 5.31 miles (=9,350 yards, =8,550 meters)
Oct 3.15 miles (=5,550 yards, =5,075 meters)
Total 26.68 miles (=46,950 yards, =42,931 meters)

The good thing is was that we got in the water early but they also came to get the lane lines early.  But if I had wanted to stay I could have as they left 2 lanes in the pool.  Good to know for when I get in shape...if.


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