Back In The Water, Yet Again...
Back In the Pool The October Edition

Sunday Swimmie Day

First swim in a few weeks...Sept 24th was my last swim.

Warm Up

500 Swim

400 Drill/Kick/Swim

400 Drill/Kick/Swim

I joined a few swim mates for the workout today.  It was lots of drill.  I did the 400 twice as I started a bit before them. (1300)

3x50's Free (150/1450)

6x75's Choice Drill/Kick/Swm (650/2100)

5x100's Free keeping up with the leader for first 75 ten 25 fast.  we each took turns leading as there was 5 of us (500/2600)

5x100's Choice by leader.  1st one was breast, then some drill and kick backsroke, umm...more kick back, then I picked reverse IM then one fly drill/kick) (500/3100)

I warmed down a 100 for 3,200 yards.

My Progress for Go The Distance 2017

Month Total Distance
Feb 0.97 miles (=1,700 yards, =1,554 meters)
Mar 4.89 miles (=8,600 yards, =7,864 meters)
Apr 4.03 miles (=7,100 yards, =6,492 meters)
May 1.42 miles (=2,500 yards, =2,286 meters)
Aug 6.90 miles (=12,150 yards, =11,110 meters)
Sep 5.31 miles (=9,350 yards, =8,550 meters)
Oct 1.82 miles (=3,200 yards, =2,926 meters)
Total 25.34 miles (=44,600 yards, =40,782 meters)

Hopefully I'll get some swims in this week.  I'm away next weekend.  I really needed to swim with others to get me back in the swim of things.  Swimming on my own just doesn't do it for me.


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