My First Weighted Vest WOD Selected as Swim Retail Partner for Mizuno in the U.S.

First Swim In..Umm..Ever

It's been too long.  Not saying that this is a comeback cuz' I've said that one too many times.  But I was in the water yesterday!  PoolYeah! I am also going to try to use this blog again a bit more but you can see updates on social media:

TWITTER @the17thman

INSTAGRAM @thejoelmckenna

3,000 Yards Boring Swim.

It's a swim for garbage yardage.  I made it simple without intervals so I could just get a feeling for swimming again.  I've had about a month off from working out and this week I've ran just shy of 5 miles on Monday, did a body weight plus weighted vest mini-workout yesterday so this week is a jump start week.

400 Freestyle Swim.  It hurt!

400 Freestyle Kick

400 Freestyle Pulling with Paddles.

300 Freestyle Swim.

300 Freestyle Kick.  I felt like I did 400 yards.  Ugh!

300 Freesyle Pull

200 IM.  OUCH

200 IM Kick

200 Freestyle Pull

100 IM Swim

100 IM Kick

100 Reverse IM

Not too bad.  I'm sore still this morning.  Lap swim is limited today so who knows if I'll get in a swim.  I should use a recovery day!  WOD ROM?


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