Freestyle: Mid-Pool Flip Variations
TRX Freestyle Friday 1/3 #TRXFreestyleFriday #TRX #SuspensionTrainer

Daily 8 Fitness Report

Rep One - Skeptical About Supplements? 3 Success Stories That May Change Your Mind - Spartan

Rep Two - 5 Exercises You Can Do From The Couch - Active

Rep Three - 5 Mistakes People Make When Trying To Build Muscle - Vitamin Shoppe

Rep Four - 12 Items Nutritionists Love Buying From Aldi. Not one bunch of leafy greens made the list! - Cooking Light

Rep Five - When To Take A Rest Day? We’ve all heard the phrase ‘no days off’, but is that always the best approach? While active recovery is a great way to allow our body gentle movement to promote recovery, it doesn’t mean that you can’t (and shouldn’t) take passive rest days as required. - Polar

Rep Six - 5 Health Resolutions Dietitians Won't Make—Plus, 7 They Will - Eating Well

Rep Seven - Watch This Guy Take On Jason Momoa's Unconventional Aquaman Workout and Diet - Men's Health

Rep Eight - 5 Best Tricep Workouts | Pro Tips by DICK'S


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