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How to improve your technique using the Swim Snorkel Pro?

Just like the standard swim snorkel, it is designed to work on your technique, so you can breathe without moving your head, in particular in freestyle and focus on your stroke. The advantage of this one is that it’s more stable, so if you’re a good swimmer, a competitive swimmer, and you swim at high speed, with a standard snorkel you might experience some vibrations.

With this snorkel that is smaller, there is no rotating heads, there is no purge valve, so it is more essential, but it’s very stable.

You have two different tops, with different size of the holes, so you’ve got more or less air coming in and out, so you can do this sort of relaxed speed training when you have to swim fast but breathe in slowly, so working on your lung capacity and ability to work with low oxygen. You can obviously use it without a top, so you get even a bigger opening.

Two different sizes of mouthpiece so you can use the one that is more suitable for your mouth. The strap is easy to adjust, just pull on the loose end. You can adjust the height of the headpiece, you can suit it exactly to your face, and to your personal preference.

his is the Swim Snorkel Pro for competitive swimmers. #SwimSnorkelPro #breathing #technique


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