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Sporti Launches Sustainable “Renew” Collection

San Jose, CA (February 25, 2020) – SwimOutlet’s Sporti brand, a top performance swimwear
line, launched its groundbreaking Sporti “Renew” collection this week, a line of swimwear made
only from discarded fabrics and leftover materials already on-hand at factories. Renew’s story
from inception to production is a unique one and first-of-its-kind to be available at, the web’s most popular swim shop.

“We’ve challenged ourselves at Sporti to be a more innovative and socially-responsible
brand,” said Winnie So, President of Sporti. “When we learned about these rolls and rolls of new
leftover fabrics at the factory warehouse that were destined to end up in the dump, we came up
with the idea to make seasonal designs specifically around these leftovers and remnants. This
ultimately cuts down on waste and has less carbon footprint than recycling. That was the
genesis of our Renew collection.”

Most factories keep leftover fabrics for a few months before sending them to the landfill,
when there is no longer any perceived use for them. But Sporti’s Renew line has turned that
dynamic on its head for this particular factory by creating a line specifically using these
discarded materials through upcycling.

The Sporti design team worked directly with the factory to create eye-popping new prints
for this first collection which features chlorine-proof fabrics originally from Italy and provides
moderate compression for swim training.

“By upcycling these beautiful leftover fabrics that were going to end up in a landfill, we
were able to bring them back to life with minimal carbon footprint,” said Winnie So. “If we think
creatively to find new solutions across various areas of design and product development, we
can make a difference for our planet.”

A total of 16 swimsuit styles were created for this initial collection in Sporti’s best-selling
and functional silhouettes, all at affordable price points starting at $22.95 for him and $19.95 for

The Sporti Renew collection is available for purchase now.
Shop the Sporti Renew Collection:


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