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SwimOutlet Unveils Inspirational Messages from Olympians, Straight to Your Mobile Phone

San Jose, CA (April 13, 2020) – Casual swimmers and swim racers aren’t the only ones who’ve had to adjust their schedules the past few weeks. Elite swimmers and Olympians across the globe have had to adjust to new dryland workout schedules and search for private pools while mapping out an entirely new training calendar with the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to summer 2021.

         So in this time of uncertainty and unease for many, SwimOutlet has collaborated with elite athletes along with personalized mobile messaging company Attentive® to offer customers and social media followers some “Swimspiration” to keep them motivated and inspired with audio messages from top swimmers and Olympians straight to their mobile phones. 

         By texting SWIMSPIRATION to 48423, SwimOutlet will offer a collection of heartfelt audio messages from select Olympians which anyone can listen into. Those Olympians include:

  • Cammile Adams, 2x Olympian, Swimming

  • Missy Franklin, 5x Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming

  • Jason Lezak, 4x Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming

  • Ryan Murphy, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming

  • Lia Neal, 2x Olympic Medalist, Swimming

  • Jacob Pebley, 2016 Rio Olympian, Swimming

  • Maggie Steffens, 2x Gold Medalist, Water Polo

         The inspiring messages focus on staying home, staying active, being balanced and healthy.

“In these unprecedented times, small motivational and inspiring moments like this can make a difference on our overall psyche and daily attitudes,” said Jaime Benes, VP of Customer Service at SwimOutlet. “Especially for young swimmers who were laser-focused on meets that were cancelled or whose morning group workouts normally etched in their routines are no longer there for the time being. We think these athlete messages give anyone a lift who listens to them, especially the swim community, and the initial positive feedback from fans when we first introduced this on social media has been terrific to see.”

The technology to deliver these mobile messages is courtesy of Attentive, a New York City-based mobile marketing company that focuses on real-time and personalized business-to-consumer interaction via text messaging. 

“We’re always impressed by how our customers think up innovative ways to utilize our technology,” said Eric Miao, SVP of Client Strategy at Attentive. “Mobile messaging is a direct, engaging, and interactive communications channel. We’re proud to partner with SwimOutlet to help offer some much-needed inspiration during this time.”

For more information on SwimOutlet, visit http://www.swimoutlet.com or visit @swimoutlet 

For more information on Attentive, visit http://www.attentivemobile.com 


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