Blood Orange Sunrise Cocktail Recipe | XTEND Mixology

You have to be an early riser to catch a glimpse of that summer sunrise. But in case you missed it, we’ve recreated a bright, supercharged cocktail for your sunlit rest days.

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| Ingredients |

1⁄2 Scoop Italian Blood Orange XTEND®

3 Whole Raspberries 1oz Grapefruit Vodka

.5 oz Citrus Juice

2 Dashes Orange Bitters

1.7 oz Rosé [base] Splash Mineral Water [top off]

1 Peel Lemon [rim garnish]

1 Whole Raspberry [garnish]

| Instructions |

Add ingredients to ice filled XTEND® shaker.

2. Shake well.

3. Add rosé to champagne flute [quarter full]

4. Strain shaker into champagne flute.

5. Top off with mineral water.

6. Garnish rim with lemon peel.

7. Garnish with raspberry.


21+. Drink Responsibly. Please do not share videos with anyone under age 21.


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