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Tune Up Fitness - Ease Calf Tension "Calf Capobianco" Massage Ball Rollout

The length of your calf muscles has a whole-body effect on standing and walking. The longer and stronger the calf muscles are, the easier your stride will be. Shorter calf muscles can create tensions all up the back body and can cause an array of tensions from back pain to headaches. Follow along with Jill as she rolls you through a luscious calf rollout designed to help relieve those tensions plus give you more range of motion in your ankles and feet.

This sequence unlocks trigger points within the calf allowing mobility in the foot, leg and thigh.

This video excerpt is from Walking Well: A Stepwise Approach to an Everyday Movement with Katy Bowman and Jill Miller.

Learn about the Walking Well program here: https://try.tuneupfitness.com/walking...

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