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#squatmachine #sunnyhealthandfitness #rownride 20 Min HIIT & Tone Entire Body | Row-N-Ride Workout

20 Min HIIT & Tone Entire Body | Row-N-Ride Workout Workout

Length: 20 mins

Workout Level: Intermediate

Trainer: Sofee

👇 Workout Description 👇

Calling all Row-N-Riders! Let's kick off your New Year with a bang! This 20-minute HIIT & Tone Workout includes exercises both on and off your Row-N-Ride to tone your entire body and achieve a great cardiovascular burn. During your workout, you’ll complete a variety of exercises on your Row-N-Ride from HIIT sprints to pulses to isometrics holds. Off your Row-N-Ride - Get excited for some bodyweight lower body and core exercises! Use this workout as a part of your regular weekly routine to increase your fitness and tone your body. As always, feel free to adjust the resistance to your fitness and comfort level to complete the workout.

Workout Details

🔥 0:00 | Intro


🔥 0:54 | 1 min Warm-up

🔥 2:10 | 2 min Upper Body isometric hold & pulse work

🔥 4:04 | 2 min Lower Body isometric hold & pulse work


Lower Body Floorwork

60 seconds each

🔥 6:27 | Lateral Lunge – Left

🔥 7:33 | Sumo Squats

🔥 8:34 | Lateral Lunge – Right

🔥 9:41 | Sumo Squats

🔥 10:53 | Alternating Reverse Lunges 5 MIN BACK ON ROW-N-RIDE

🔥 12:56 | 3 x 30/30 sprints

🔥 15:54 | Tempo work


Plank-Focused Core Floorwork

50 seconds each

🔥 17:38 | Low plank hold

🔥 18:31 | High plank shoulder taps

🔥 19:27 | Side plank hold-left

🔥 20:11 | Low plank hold

🔥 21:11 | High plank shoulder taps

🔥 22:11 | Side plank hold-right

💨 23:03 | Quick cooldown & stretch



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