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10-Minute Shoulder Mobility Workout (At Home, Follow-Along workout, Week 4) | Polar

This week 4 follow-along shoulder mobility workout is part of a 4-week strength, cardio, and mobility program that will get you feeling strong, fit, and moving well. You don’t need any equipment for this restoring at-home follow-along shoulder mobility workout and it only takes 10 minutes to complete.

This follow-along shoulder mobility routine is created by a certified trainer and strength coach Jack Hanrahan (@jack hanrahan ). Mobility workouts are great little self-care routines to mobilize joints, get rid of stiffness and muscle aches, and generally get your body feeling good.


➡️ WORKOUT DURATION: 10 minutes

➡️ AT-HOME WORKOUT: Apartment-friendly workout. No equipment needed. Suitable for all fitness levels.

➡️ WORKOUT INSTRUCTIONS: This shoulder mobility routine is a follow-along style. Simply find some floor space, wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, press play, and enjoy.

0:00 WORKOUT: 10 MINUTES 0:13 Intro 0:43 Shoulder circles 2:10 Axle rotation 3:24 Behind the head elbow hinges 5:06 Behind the back elbow hinges 6:14 Swimmer's hovers 7:29 Lying-down swimmer's hovers


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