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Pilates-inspired Vasa Trainer workout for swimming

Note to athletes and coaches: Before starting this workout, we recommend a thorough warm-up. You can use these Mat warm-up exercises: https://youtu.be/0sXGOpP9K28

Workout Description & Instructions:

1. Hip rolls with shoulder extension: 5-8 reps. Supine on bench holding handles with arms reaching overhead.

2. Shoulder bridge with arm/leg movement: 3-5 reps Same start position as hips rolls. Keep your spine long and neutral.

a. Add Tabletop leg in bridge: Alternate sides for 3-5 sets.

b. Full movement: 3 sets

3. Mid-back series legs in a tabletop position 5-10 reps each.

a. Tricep press-Exhale to straighten arms, inhale to bend.

b. 45 degrees: Arms long and reach to 10 and 2 on a clock. Exhale: draw arms to side working evenly chest and back.

c. Out to side: Arms reach 9 and 3 on a clock. Exhale to draw arms to sides.

4. Teaser - 3-5 reps.

Lay supine on bench, head toward the front, arms overhead, and feet toward the rear. Exhale & bring arms towards the floor then up to shoulder height while you roll your spine off the bench, lifting your legs after you roll through your low back. Inhale to stay.

5. Plow - 5-8 reps

Prone holding handles. Legs long, core engaged. Inhale to start pulling into resistance. Exhale to continue to extend your upper body off the bench as you bring your arms to your sides.

• Add swimming legs in thoracic extension - Keep the upper body in extension with arms reaching to sides. Extend hips. Flutter kick legs inhaling for a count of 5, then exhaling for a count of 5. Do 5 sets.

6. Quadruped one leg pull - 5-8 times each

Put on an ankle cuff and attach to one side of the pulley cord. Hands and knees position on the bench. Exhale & extend the leg down to the floor. Keeping spine neutral, inhale to return to start without allowing the spine to flex.

• Add shoulder flexion: Same leg movement and reach the opposite arm long to increase the core challenge

7. Prone hamstring curl - 8-10 reps

Attach both ankle cuffs so they are crossed. Roll onto your stomach turning towards the side of the top cord. Exhale to bend knees while keeping the spine stable and hips open in front.

• Arms in flexion overhead, in ‘T’ or at the side, breaststroke arms, or any variation to challenge the upper body extension.

8. Swimming - 5-8 sets.

Reach both arms and legs long with legs and upper back slightly extended. Inhale for a count of 5 and then exhale for a count of 5 as you alternate arm and leg movement.

NOTE: The following exercises are done on your back with both ankle cuffs on. Keep core engaged & maintain an imprint of the low back to avoid low back tension with the exercises.

Exercise 1: Streamline arms. 5-10 reps

Exercise 2 and 3: hands behind head. 5-10 reps

9. Bend and stretch: keep legs long throughout. Arms overhead, upper body flexed, core engaged. 5-10 reps

10. Single leg stretch: Hands behind head, upper body flexed, legs reaching long, core engaged. Alternate legs.

11. Obliques: Same as above but add upper body rotation to the bent knee

12. Quadruped arm work: 5-8 reps each Get on the bench on your hands & knees. Hold 1 handle & keep that arm long & to the side midway between shoulder flexion and extension. a. Shoulder at 45 degrees; reach arm back at a 45-degree angle as you exhale. Inhale return. b. Add opposite leg extension.

13. Half kneeling: 5-10 reps of each of the following variations. a. Plow b. 45 degrees c. Alternating bicep/tricep

14. Internal/external rotator cuff exercises, (seated sideways on the bench): 5 - 10 Reps Keep the spine long and neutral relative to the inclined bench angle.

15. Twist, seated sideways on the bench: focus on rotating at rib cage area allowing your head and neck to follow the movement. Keep hands in front of the sternum. 6 Reps

16. Twist in teaser prep position: sitting rolled off your sit bones so your low back is rounded and upper back lengthened. Rotate torso. 6 Reps

17. Standing Swimming with ankle cuffs: 5-10 reps each side Stand on the side of the Vasa Trainer closest to the leg with an ankle cuff. Come into a mini-squat, reach the arms overhead, and extend the leg with the cuff. Exhale: Then extend the leg in the cuff and the opposite arm, inhale to switch arms and tap your toes to the floor. Keep the spine, arms, & legs long. Energize the arms and legs.

18. Pike/pushup combo: 5-10 reps Face away from the rear stanchion of the Vasa. Put both hands on the floor and both feet on the bench. Start with the bench pushed up the monorail as shown. Inhale & bend your elbows, exhale as you push up, keeping the Trainer bench still. Inhale to a pike position, bringing your feet closer to your hands and the bench seat in. Exhale return. Do 5-10 reps

About Cheryl Alden, PT Cheryl is a 1996 graduate of the University of Vermont with a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy (cum laude). Learn More at: https://symmetrypilatescenter.com/staff/


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