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Polar Verity Sense | How to pair your sensor with training apps

This video shows you how to pair your sensor with a training app and a Polar watch. You can use the Polar Verity Sense sensor with dozens of leading fitness apps including Polar apps, as well as with Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible training devices. Just stream your heart rate simultaneously to two different receiving Bluetooth devices and as many ANT+ devices as you wish.

Read more about Polar Verity Sense: https://www.polar.com/verity-sense

➡️ CONVENIENCE: Slip it on or clip it on, push the button and start moving. Polar Verity Sense makes heart rate training simple.

➡️ CONNECTIVITY: Sky’s the limit – connect to apps, watches, gym equipment and more with Bluetooth® and ANT+.

➡️ COMFORT: Polar Verity Sense keeps your wrist free for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

➡️ VERSATILITY: Any sport. Any time. Quantified.

➡️ SWIMMER’S BEST COMPANION: Polar Verity Sense tracks your heart rate, distance and pace automatically in the pool.


High quality optical heart rate tracking (6 LED solution)

Long battery life: 24 hours on a single charge

Internal memory: 16 MB, 600 hours of training time Extremely easy to use

Works with all Polar Bluetooth® devices, most sports and smart watches, Polar Flow and many other fitness apps

Works with ANT+ devices such as gym equipment and cycling computers

Two simultaneous Bluetooth® connections and ANT+ broadcast: You can stream your heart rate simultaneously to two different receiving Bluetooth devices and as many ANT+ devices as you wish

Records heart rate, swimming turns, distance and pace automatically in swimming pool with the specific swimming mode

Bluetooth Low Energy range is 150 m

Waterproof (50 m) Machine-washable detachable textile armband & swimming goggle strap clip and a handy storage pouch

Chargeable battery

Updatable firmware


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