What Got Me Through Chemo Was Being in Shape | Wes Logue Transformation Story
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What Got Me Through Chemo Was Being in Shape | Wes Logue Transformation Story

For two-time cancer survivor Wes Logue, exercise isn't just a way to look and feel good today, it's a necessary tool to keep him mentally and physically prepared for whatever tomorrow brings. ► Read Wes Logue's Full Transformation Story: https://bbcom.me/32F8Xp5

Many of us think of working out as a way to relieve stress, challenge ourselves, or reach aesthetic goals. For Wes Logue, it means so much more. That's because Wes had to undergo extensive radiation and chemo treatments not once, but twice.

Wes credits his dedication to fitness for helping him endure the physical and psychological challenges of cancer treatment. In an already challenging year, he was able to use his dedication to fitness and his positive mindset to come back from a 28-day chemo treatment in just 12 weeks.

Here is his story. I had been working out since my early 20s, mostly for the normal reasons: staying in shape and enjoying the improvements I felt like training gave my physical well-being.

Then, I went through my first cancer treatment six years ago. It was an extremely intense treatment. But it helped immensely that leading up to that treatment, I was in some of the best shape I'd been in my life.

That first experience had an impact on me. I saw right away how important it had been to keep myself physically fit, to eat well, and to take care of myself. I've gone into every day since then with the mindset that I never know what's around the corner.

We've seen that with this last year (2020) especially—you really have no idea what's coming. And this was a hard year for me, too. I went through another 28 days of chemo and radiation this year, a combined cancer treatment. During my treatment, I wasn't particularly inspired to share what I was going through because I didn't want to add to all the bad things that were going on. I just wanted to get through it so I could start working out again and recover quickly.

Of course, there's always that fatigue and the total impact of these treatments on your body when you come out of them, and one of the main side effects of chemo and radiation is that it's tough on your heart. That definitely led me to prioritize my heart and cardiovascular health once I was ready to train again.

I started back into training after my treatment with Jim Stoppani's 6-Week Shortcut to Shred (https://bbcom.me/3gB0tro). I actually did it twice in a row, for 12 total weeks. I could lift weights—not as much as before treatment—but at first, I found I couldn't do any of the "cardioaccelleration" between sets at all. It was a little disappointing, but the upside mentally was that it gave me a goal. Regardless of if I did 15 reps or 5, or if I had to sit down and rest after every exercise, I had to start somewhere. ► Read Wes Logue's Full Transformation Story: https://bbcom.me/32F8Xp5


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