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Recovery Flow | Yoga for Lifters w/ Karla Tafra

Whether your a powerlifter, runner, Crossfit athlete, or bodybuilder, certified Yoga teacher Karla Tafra is here to show you a simple recovery flow to help you with recovery and better sleep. ► Yoga for Powerlifters: https://bbcom.me/3yf6ZdY

The glutes, quads, hamstrings, and hips are, of course, heavily involved in squats and deadlifts, just as the shoulders, pecs, traps, and lats are worked during the bench press. Needless to say, lifting weights can be extremely taxing on the body, and injuries are common.

This calls for yoga moves that will help increase mobility and flexibility in those areas. Better movement will improve blood flow, allowing the muscles to work at optimal levels and helping them get stronger over time. Tightness can hinder proper form, leading to poor movement patterns and potential injury. Plus, you just can't move as much weight as you'd like—and that's the whole point of the sport!


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