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#LoveYourLife Life Time Team Member Story: Racquel W.

“I believe when you focus on others and contribute to their well-being, it brings you healing as well.” Meet, Rcaquel W. Life Time Studio Manager and Performer who never lets life’s challenges, big or small, change her attitude on life. Staying committed to her physical and emotional well-being has proven to be a key factor in navigating life’s unexpected obstacles with patience and grace. Racquel grew up in a very active household. Her dad would wake up early every morning and go for a five-mile walk or a 10-mile bike ride, and she and her sisters would always be practicing and playing basketball, softball, and volleyball. It was her experience as a professional cheerleader that inspired her to earn her national Group Fitness certification and teach for Life Time. Racquel’s world changed when she lost her father to a series of strokes, and then most recently, her sister to multiple sclerosis, but she credits both her strong faith and her passion for movement for helping her get through this. “Releasing endorphins through physical activity is a wonderful mood-booster to clear your mind and heal your heart.”, she says. She was the happiest when she returned to her Life Time community and started leading classes again. Even through a couple serious injuries of her own, when it’s easy to feel frustrated or defeated, Racquel is grateful for opportunities to discover the importance of staying positive and patient through recovery. Thank you, Racquel, for sharing your story and your positive attitude with us. #LoveYourLife.


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