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Chest and Arms. No cardio this morning.

Basic Indoor Rowing Techniques: Half Slide Rowing with Limited Range of Motion

Follow along as Hydrow Personal Coach David explains the how and why behind adjusting your rowing stroke properly when you have a limited range of motion due to an injury, tightness, or discomfort. Check in with your doctor before completing indoor rowing workouts. Low impact workouts are a great way to heal and get back into a fitness routine after an injury. Hydrow's Personal Coaching service is an indoor rowing machine, 1:1 session with one of our deeply knowledgeable coaches.

In the session, they offer guidance, support and answer any questions you have about rowing technique and your Hydrow. The virtual session, conducted over Zoom, is an opportunity to work on your form, learn more about Hydrow Athletes and workouts, and find new ways to get the most out of your Hydrow experience. Starting with an overview of the stroke, our coaches will highlight key rowing techniques and give you specific things to work on. Rowing is a great workout that is efficient, low impact, engages core muscles, and activates 86% of the major muscle groups in the body. Want to know more about why rowing form matters?

Hydrow Members can book now: https://hydrow.com/personal-coaching/...

Learn more about Hydrow Personal Coaching: https://hydrow.com/blog/why-should-i-...


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