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New Chest and Arm Routine and some HITT Tread. Gotta say I felt less groggy compared to my 4am workouts. Really pushed hard today.

#MotorlessTreadmill #Optimill #Stroops Stroops - Optimill // The Ultimate Treadmill Partner Workout

Stroops Optimill #MotorlessTreadmill provides the basis for the ultimate partner workout. Utilize the #Optimill at home, outdoors, at the gym, or wherever you please - with its lightweight (220 lbs) & movable design (wheels allow it to roll out of the way). This premium flat treadmill is compatible with an adjustable-length anchoring system (Base-Slastix) - and pairs perfectly with #Stroops premium #resistancebands, attachments & weights; for a complete partner workout! For a superior alternative to a standard treadmill, look to: The Optimill, motorless flat treadmill, all-new from Stroops Fitness. To order; give us a call at: 800-344-2756 (United States) or 1-801-776-3322 (International); or email: [email protected]. The Optimill will be available for direct purchase off of our website very soon!


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